Thursday, May 11, 2006


About Expectations and Experiences

Dear Student

Please write down your expactations about the Disaster Management?
What you have experienced since the first day at CSIR till today?

Insert this in the comments field. Read each others comments and comment on each others comments.



Rand Show Experiance

Dear Students

Can you please write up your reports about your experiances at the Rand Show 2006.
I understand that you have attended Scientific Report Writting the other day so I want all of you to write the Report following what the presenter tought you. He spoke about a format and I will like to see that in your Reports.

Question to all of you about the Rand Show.

They had six themes at the Science and Technology for the Rand Show 2006. What are the Six themes and do you think from what you have seen they were all covered at the Rand Show?

Dead line: 12/05/2006 time 10:00 am not later than!

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