Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Why do we blog?

The is a powerpoint presentation that has all the details about

So download the Powerpoint presentation about blog that was prepared by Dr Richard Knight from University of the Western Cape, he is the Ecological Informatics lecturer.

Block is assential and helpfully for my academic programme. i'll be able to know my level of thinkig through my daily probramme.lectures should be involved from the begining of our programme, that couild help a lot to our assignment, for the next semester lectures must form part of the block and interact with us as students.
A blog is an essential tool for the society to communinicate their concerns and to receive comments on the burning issues encountered on a daily basis.It also ensures that libarating aspects of scientific endevour are promoted.It is also about learning as it adds value to the society.i would like congadulate Dr Knight,in that now i have a better understanding of what a blog is and the importance of keeping it.
A blog is a critically vital instrument for easy communication and sharing of ideas. Knowledge dissemination is very crucial in our time, web blogs allow that enriching element of life, politically, scientifically and in other fields and scholls of thought. What I love about blogs is that evry Tom,Dick & Henry can blog,what is ideal is contributing to the growth of other persons having interest in the same and/or related field. For I in person, I find blog to be very important. Being able to interact with other individuals & aspects in my field will greatly cotrbute to my carrer growth.
well blog is basically a tool which people can use to communicate so as to be iformative and smart. Anyone who wants to engage in constructive communication is welcomed.From personal experience, academics can benefit in terms of sharing innovative ideas. Blog can be seen as an internet based form of media, where certain type of people can interact actively and passively.There is no limit in terms of freedom of expression, yet we know in south africa that, every right has its own limitation. People who do not have access to internet are disadvantaged, Since blog is for people who have access to internet.alternative is using other forms of media(newspapers, tv,public meetings, schools etc) so that everone can benefit from blog.People engage blog because it will benefit them interms of improving thier comminications and writting skills. Anyone who has the acces to internet can share ideas.Blog can improve the level of illiteracy,the level of sharing knowledge, it can have a socio-economic development impact on other people. It can also be used fot academical purposes.
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