Thursday, May 11, 2006


About Expectations and Experiences

Dear Student

Please write down your expactations about the Disaster Management?
What you have experienced since the first day at CSIR till today?

Insert this in the comments field. Read each others comments and comment on each others comments.


What I have experienced from the beginning of the programme

 Team/group work contributes a lot to an individual.
 To be a researcher you need to be a hard worker, not being lazy to search information.
 It is important to consult with relevant people to get information.
 The disaster management programme is good

What I want to achieve in the programme

 To complete my masters degree.
 To be able to manage disasters.
 To understand what is needed in the workplace.
 To be able to interact with people effectively.
Experience from February (2006) to May 2006
Learning is very important and it can make a person to discover many things. Since I enrolled in this program I learned many things. Some of those things, I never think I will manage to do. Below is what I have experienced in this program:
• Team work
• Computer skills
• Scientific writing
• Different presentation skills
• Communication skills
• Disaster management concepts

Any activity without a goal or expectation is useless. As I mentioned my experience above, some of them I still need to put more effort. Then my expectations from this program are as follow:
• Employable
• Good in communication skill
• Analytical thinking
• Leadership skill
• How to practise disaster management In real life.
-IT skills improvement
-Good team spirit helps a lot


I have nothing to expect further from CSIR and DST because they have already provided me with a hand full of opportunities,from my side i expect personal growth in order to increase my employability chances.
Expectations out of the programme

At the end of this programme, I want to have achieved the following:

1.I now have but only little knowledge of disaster management. I want to get deeper into the understanding and practicality of disaster management

2.The relationship between disaster management and Environmental Impact Assessment

3.The ability to manipulate Geographic Information system as a tool in disaster management

4.Knowledge of Politics and disaster management, more especially disaster relief administration

Disaster Management Experiences (DME) for the past three months (February-April 2006)

What I now know about disaster risk management:

1.The difference between disasters, hazards, catastrophes and accidents

2.The importance of disaster management in Southern Africa, the most vulnerable communities and the world

3.The bad locks of the success of disaster management in poor communities, regions or states

4.The good side, and the bad side of disasters

5.The relationship between disasters, poverty and vulnerability, development and capacities
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